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So you’ve decided to elope: yay you! Now it’s time to search through elopement dresses until you’ve found “the one.” Well, shoot. Finding a typical wedding dress is easy. Walk downtown in any city and you will find multiple bridal shops with glitsy, taffeta and rhinestone-covered mannequins on display. But if you’re the kind of girl planning to elope, you’re probably looking for something a little more unique, boho, and down-to-earth than what a typical bridal shop provides. But where do you even look?

I got you. In this post, I’ll be loading you up with all of the best places to find elopement dresses online. Here’s a hint: most of them ARE NOT bridal shops. Phew!

BHLDN Elopement Dresses

BHLDN elopement dresses. The best places to find elopement dresses online. Missouri elopement dresses.

If anyone excels in the business of making swoon-worthy elopement dresses, it’s Anthropologie’s bridal brand, BHLDN. I’m a little biased though. After all, this is where I got my dress. This is probably the most obvious shop on the list, but I have a couple of hacks for how to get the most out of it!

  1. Shop the sale. And often. BHLDN updates their sale page like crazy, so look every few days and you may just find your dream elopement dress for under $1,000.
  2. Shop the Little White Dresses section. The dresses here are usually more relaxed, unique, boho, and elopement-worthy!
  3. Shop the Formal Dresses section. This is perfect if you want to edge away from the traditional look. They have plenty of unique elopement dresses that look bridal but with an edge.

Free People

Free People for an elopement? Sounds crazy, but I’ve definitely referred clients to dresses from Free People. I’ve found that their dresses are best for elopements in outdoor areas, like the woods or the beach. Head to their white dresses section, and you’ll find a mix of casual slips and boho elopement dresses.


Asos is totally underrated in the United States in my opinion. They have styles ranging from romantic to urban, and a truly unique selection. Scroll their dress section for a minute and you’ll find a dress you’ll love.

Morning Lavender

Morning Lavender can be a little hit or miss, but if you’re looking for something a little more casual, you might hit it out of the park here!

Daughters of Simone Elopement Dresses

Daughters of Simone elopement dresses. The best places to find elopement dresses online. Missouri elopement dresses.

Daughters of Simone, you guys. These dresses are absolutely perfect and deserving of respect. Designed with eloping brides in mind, these dresses are so gorgeous it makes me mad I didn’t know about them when I got married. They are truly the Beyoncé of elopement dresses.