ABOUT - Sable Photo Co.


Your new photographer, guide, and friend.

Writing about myself feels a little weird, so to start, I’ll tell you what things people tend to say about me:

I’m usually described as quirky, kind, funny, and really good at making people feel comfortable. As a teenager, I was put on guestbook duty about as many times as I was a bridesmaid if that tells you anything. 

I love anything old. 75% of my closet came from a thrift store, I’m a big fan of classical music, and my editing style is inspired by my parents film photographs from the 70’s.

I love to make people laugh, and I love telling stories. Originally, I thought that looked like becoming a writer, but I eventually left my writing job to pursue telling stories through images full-time. And I love it. So so much.



To me, exceptional art can magnify simple, real moments and turn them into something striking. The very reason I love photographing elopements and intimate ceremonies is the same reason most of my couples choose to elope–when you strip away the DJ, the bright lights, the guests you hardly know, you’re left with the things that matter most: your person and the vow you’re making to one another. 

You’re able to focus more on each other and how the day actually felt. Because of that, I’ll capture not only what your day looked like, but how it felt. The rain on the leaves, the way the light hit the trees while you said your vows, the moment you both burst into laughter over the stupidest inside joke.

My work is inspired by a my parents’ film photographs from the 1970s, the Dutch Golden Age, and French Impressionism. You’ll find a lot of moody grain, dramatic light, and attention to color in my portfolio.

While you’ll find a lot of elegant tones and intentional compositions in my work, you’ll also find that I pay attention to quirky and humorous moments as well. Life’s hard without a sense of humor!

Due to my background in fashion photography and my current landscape work, you’ll find a focus on portraits and the environment in my photos too.




Behind the scenes of Sable Photo Co., there’s a very kind man who inspires me every day and a dog who interrupts me constantly while I’m editing. 

Davis is one of those people whose kindness is infamous. I’ve had multiple people tell me he’s the nicest person they’ve ever met, and after being married to him for 3 years, I can say I absolutely agree. He’s an engineer, and as I’ve been writing this, he came in our bedroom to tell me about his new idea for a dryer that he just had to share. I think I understood about 10% of it.

My dog, Nessie, came in a couple of minutes later to interrupt me for some pets. 

My husband is a big part of my “why” behind this business. Not only has he been the most supportive partner, but he’s given me firsthand experience at seeing how healing and transformative loving a good person can be. He’s shown me how significant marriage truly is.

My dog is far less inspiring, but she brings me a lot of joy while I work from home, so she’s getting a shoutout too. If you ever hear me refer to my coworker, that would be her.




I’ve been photographing for over ten years. My brother bought me my first camera at 14-years-old, and thus began an obsession that landed me with a business by the time I was 15 and an assistant job for a fashion photographer and designer by the time I was 16. I learned pretty quickly that while I had a knack for getting the right angles and knowing how to capture the most flattering light, photographing for the pictures in and of themselves felt pretty empty. Nothing about it was particularly inspiring–I continued to take pretty pictures and become more technically advanced, but it just wasn’t something I loved. 

When I went off to college, I discovered my love of story-telling. And I fell in love for the first time. Those two things inspired my work going forward–story-driven images that showed what it actually felt like to be in love.

After I graduated college, I worked as both a writer and a wedding photographer. While I knew I loved photographing couples, the loud, noisy ceremonies where my couples felt uneasy and disconnected started to ware on me. So, I took a leap and switched my focus to elopements full-time. And honestly, there is absolutely nothing more humbling, beautiful, or intimate than getting to document two people saying their vows for each other–not for a crowd of acquaintances.

In those 10 years, I’ve been lucky enough to be published in magazines, advertisements, and features for publications, websites, and brands like Wedding Essentials, Borsheims, Wedding Pioneer, and the Knot to name a few. I was even selected Best of Weddings by the Knot!

I’ve also helped other women photographers in their journeys–I’m a big believer in fostering a creative community that helps women succeed. (If you’re a photographer yourself, feel free to reach out with your questions–I’d love to help!)