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Missouri Elopement & Vow Renewal at Lake Springfield

This Missouri elopement vow renewal was so simple, yet so beautiful. It was a cold day in December and most of the trees were bar...

Hotel Vandivort Wedding

This Hotel Vandivort wedding was nothing short of amazing if you're into intimate + luxurious celebrations of...

How to Elope in Missouri

Whether you're putting together a small ceremony in the woods, or heading to the courthouse on a whim, you need to know how elope...

Intimate Wedding in the Woods

Lacey & Andrew chose to celebrate their marriage with an intimate wedding in the woods. They have the kind of story a person ...

Where to Find the Best Elopement Dresses Online

So you've decided to elope: yay you! Now it's time to search through elopement dresses until you've found "the one." Well, shoot. Finding a typical wedding dress is easy. Walk downtown in any city and you will find multiple bridal shops with glitsy, taffeta and rhinestone-covered mannequins on display. But if you're the kind of girl planning to elope, you're probably looking for something a little more unique, boho, and down-to-earth than what a typical bridal shop provides. But where do you even look?

Should you elope?

Should you elope? Or should you have an intimate wedding? Here's a list to help you decide if an elopement, intimate wedding, or traditional wedding is the right option for you. Written by Missouri elopement photographer Hope Tolbert of Sable Photo Co.