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Beckham Creek Cave Lodge Elopement — Jane and Jason’s elopement at Beckham Creek Cave Lodge was one of the most simple, beautiful, and unique elopements I’ve ever captured!

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is a cave house tucked away in the hills of rural Arkansas. And when I say tucked away, I mean, I wasn’t entirely sure my tiny fuel-efficient car was going to make through the winding backroads. I literally wound up at a Buddhist temple at one point on my way there, but I finally found my way. The secluded nature of the lodge made it the perfect spot for an intimate elopement with Jane and Jason’s close family members.

Jane and Jason met at a climbing gym, where Jane attempted to climb a rock wall with a broken foot. Jason knew he had to meet the girl trying to make her way up the rock wall with a cast, and the rest is history. The venue was situated between towering rock walls–a perfect nod to the couple’s story.

Beckham creek cave lodge elopement
Beckham creek cave lodge elopement

Frankie, Jane and Jason’s Lab/Border Collie mix, was possibly the most delightful ring-bearer I’ve ever met.

The ceremony took place right outside Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, with a view of the beautiful overlook. The couple said their vows under a chuppah Jason made himself.

Beckham creek cave lodge elopement
Beckham creek cave lodge elopement

For their unity ceremony, the couple tied a knot together as a nod for their shared love for rock climbing.

Following the ceremony, the couple performed a Chinese tea ceremony to honor their parents and symbolize the unity between the two families.

Following the ceremony, we hiked around the property for a couple’s session.

Beckham creek cave lodge elopement

Once we arrived back at the lodge, Jane and Jason’s families had prepared a hot pot dinner–an array of meats, vegetables, and seafood cooked in boiling water and dipped in a peanut sauce.

As Jason explained to me, hot pot is kind of like a game–just because you put something in the pot, doesn’t mean you’re going to be the one to take it out and eat it.

Jane and Jason, you two were the absolute best, and I had so much fun celebrating with you and your families!